le chef

man in the middle

Two guitars, one drum, one bass. Together Le Chef fights against the forces of evil. Even by singing.

In the old days Le Chef used to like it small. From 2005 until today, its music was nearly nowhere to enjoy but in the very underground of Basel’s (Switzerland) inspiring music scene. After a quiet successful rap’n’rock-project together with Basel’s rap-legend Pyro from 2008 to 2010, Le Chef needed some time to redefine its style and find a way to walk alone again.

In 2014 the band has finally opened up for a bigger audience again. With the album «Man in the Middle», Le Chef spreads its honest and handmade rock music to the whole world – sometimes loud and nasty like Iggy Pop, sometimes silent and dreamy like Pink Floyd, and sometimes even both in the same song. Like it or not, but certainly share it with your friends. Together we can fight against all forces of evil!